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5 Great Internships for Accounting Majors

Getting your accounting degree requires more than just passing classes and exams. Every student needs practical experience, and there are thousands of companies looking for ambitious accounting students to fill accounting internship positions all over the U.S.

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Below are overviews of five exceptional internships for accounting majors.

1. HBO Summer Internship in Finance, A/R and Contract Accounting

Do you have an interest in the entertainment business? Spend your summer supporting the finance team responsible for America’s premier television company, Home Box Office. This 35-hour-per-week position based in New York City has internees assist with daily tasks such as invoicing and database management while learning about preparing monthly reports and cash flow management. All that’s required is a working knowledge of MS Excel and exceptional communication, analytical and presentation skills.

2. Nestle Waters Accounting Internship

Every summer, rising juniors and seniors are invited to Stamford, CT for a 10-week accounting internship with Nestle Waters. Weekly workshops focus on developing communication skills and team-building, and each participant is assigned a specific project based around the many challenges of managing finances for an international corporation. The program culminates with presentations for which students must use visual aids to communicate financial data to peers and business leaders. No matter where you apply after graduation, experience working with a company that has name recognition like Nestle will bolster your resume.

3. Cardinal Health Finance and Accounting Summer Internship

Few fields are as complex as health care accounting. If you’re up for the challenge, travel to Dublin, Ohio for an internship with Cardinal Health, a $100 billion company dedicated to maximizing cost-effectiveness in health care services. The formalized program focuses on developing students’ leadership skills while exploring multiple career paths. After assisting with in the annual budget cycle, interns work with their advisers to provide recommendations to increase profitability as well as conduct audits to ensure the effectiveness internal controls.

4. New Relic Accounting Internship

San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit, and software analytics company New Relic is considered one of the city’s best employers. New Relic warns potential applicants that this “is not your average internship.” Rather than making coffee and photocopies, internees act as full members of a finance team involved in research, analysis and process improvement. Responsibilities may include coordinating events for the finance department, so applicants must have strong leadership qualities.

5. GM Financial Internship in Cash Management

A summer in Fort Worth, TX interning for General Motors Financial can put you on the road to success. Through collaborating on projects and initiatives, students have opportunities to network with executives and peers, participate in philanthropic activities and give presentations to industry leaders. GM Financial particularly looks for candidates interested in auditing, risk analysis, pricing and product development. Internships may lead to consideration for future full-time positions.

As you can see, your accounting degree can take you many places. The relationships you cultivate during your early internships can put you at an advantage when you graduate since you’ll have good recommendations and experience. Such opportunities are invaluable, so use your time as an accounting student to land as many internships as you can.