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Accounting Degree Salary

Those who pursue an accounting degree often enjoy a respectably comparable accounting degree salary. It’s hard to see why it wouldn’t. Those who graduate with a degree in accounting often find jobs within the government, with professional business owners and large companies, and in management.

Accounting Degree SalaryThe best schools in the nation for accounting (such as the University of Texas, the University of Illinois, and Brigham Young University) do more than merely teach their students accounting principals and mathematics. They teach them the importance of interpersonal skills, communication, problem solving skills, and consistent, dependable ethics. Yet, they all offer different atmospheres to help students achieve their salary goals. UT, for instance, is a rather large school (everything is bigger in Texas as the saying goes). It boasts a large number of peers and students to help forge lasting connections. Brigham Young looks to bring in its students with an incredibly low tuition rate: just over $4,200. All the top accounting schools bring something to the table, but they all impress the imperative accounting principals into their students.

Details About the Accounting Degree Salary

Accounting students can maximize their earnings and jump start their accounting degree salaries even before graduation by ensuring that they make the most out of their collegiate experience. This doesn’t only include respectable grades, but good work experience and campus involvement. Employers like to see people involved in their school and majors. Taking on a couple of internships during summer and/or winter break will drive up a graduate’s worth tremendously.

After you’ve graduated from a top accounting school, you’ll be pleased to find just how readily you’re able to get that good accounting degree salary. Right off the bat, you can expect to make no less than about $40,000 a year. In terms of starting salaries, this is one of the strongest in the business field. Given some time and hard work, an individual could work their way up to the median pay of $62,000. If they can impress their prospective employers and tack on enough experience, they could earn around $110,000.

Of course, true maximization will be found in which job sector you work in. The majority of accountants work in the private sector and can expect a slightly higher salary than their government counterparts. With that being said, however, government workers receive notoriously good benefits. Maximizing income may mean switching over to a government position so you don’t have more bills to pay at the end of the month. If you can manage to find a job that pays enough that, when viewed as a cost benefit analysis, it manages to offset the savings made by government employees, by all means stick with this job.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about accounting majors is the demand expected to occur over the next decade. We can expect a 16% rise in the total demand for accountants. As this demand increases, an accounting major can be assured that their accounting degree salary will too.