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10 Movers and Shakers of Silicon Valley

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10 Movers and Shakers of Silicon Valley

These 10 entrepreneurs went big and call nothing but the Valley home. Veterans and newbies alike rock the worlds of tech, social media, and business.

Keith Rabois

- Chief Operating Officer at Square
- Square is a mobile payments company
- Processing $2 billion in payments volume per year
- Square has been activated by 800,000 merchants
- Who are now 10% of the reach of the Visa/MasterCard world
- Serves on the board of directors of Yelp and Xoom
- An early investor in several high-profile internet companies including YouTube

Rebecca Woodcock

- CEO of Cake Health
- Cake Health is a free web and mobile app to manage health care expenses
- Average users have a $2,000 deductible
- She was 1 of 6 women in a class of 80 at the Founder Institute, a global start-up accelerator for entrepreneurs
- Won "Most Disruptive" start-up of 2011 among all graduates

Will Harbin

- CEO of Kixeye
- Creates Facebook games for a less Farmville, more hardcore gaming community
- The current goal is 20 games
- 3 of which are actively under development
- Staff has grown from 30 people to over 250 people in 2012 alone
- Also famous for their ads on local transit systems that use gamer cultural memes

Gina Bianchini

- Founder of MightyBell
- A social software company promising to reinvent groups online by making "a place to create groups with friends around what interests you"
- Her team of 6 people, had raised $3.6 million in April 2012
- Co-founder and former CEO of Ning
- An online platform for people to create their own social networks
- The social community aggregator was bought for $150 million in 2011

Priya Haji

- Serial Social Entrepreneur since the age of 16
- Founded World of Good
- An on-line retail marketplace and wholesaler of sustainable goods, was acquired by eBay in 2010
- The brand creates market access for women artisans in 55 countries
- Co-founded Free at Last
- A national model for substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS intervention for African Americans and Latinos
- Serving 3,000 people per year in East Palo Alto and raised $20+ million in special investments

Mikkel Svane

- CEO of Zendesk
- A cloud-based help desk software company with the bold idea of learning from your mistakes
- 10,000+ clients in 100 countries ranging from Animoto to Zappo
- 30+ million end users every day
- Zendesk is looking to up its headcount to 300 employees from 220 by the end of 2012

Bastian Lehmann

- Co-Founder and CEO of Postmates
- A courier network for superfast delivery
- 3 months in private beta they fulfilled over 1,000 deliveries in San Francisco
- Couriers traveled 2x the distance of the Tour de France
- People saved on average 717 hours using Postmates
- The latest is "get it now," in which Postmates couriers will buy anything within San Francisco and deliver it to you in 1 hour

Clara Shih

- CEO and Founder of Hearsay Social
- A dashboard that helps companies manage their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ accounts
- Her 2 year-old start-up was cash-flow positive in its 1st year of operation
- Pioneer in the social media industry
- In 2007, she developed the 1st social business application on Facebook, called Faceforce
- Graduated #1 in Computer Science at Stanford University

Daniel Gross

- CEO of Greplin
- Users can plug in their email and social media account to create a search engine for all personal documents, contacts, and calendar items
- The basic service is FREE
- To search business it is $5 per month or $50 per year
- Gross began programming at age 10
- Opted out of Israeli military service to chase Silicon Valley dreams

Cameron Robertson

- Co-founder of Lockitron
- A keyless device and smartphone app that lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere
- Initially rejected by Kickstarter
- Their goal of $150,000 pre-orders was hit within 24 hours
- 5 days after launching, the company had $1,500,000 in pre-orders
- And 10,000+ backers