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What Kind of Internship Should I Get While Getting my Bachelors in Accounting?

A bachelor’s degree in accounting may give you the practical knowledge that you need and the educational experience required to earn a position in the accounting sector, but many leading firms in the nation require candidates to have on-the-job experience. If you are majoring in accounting and you want to secure a job in the sector as soon as you graduate from school, one of the most effective ways to gain on-the-job experience is to complete an internship. As an intern, an accounting major can gain valuable work experience that simply cannot be gained in a classroom setting. Read on and learn why internships are important for upperclassmen, and what type of internship an accounting major should apply for.

Why Are Internships So Valuable for Accounting Majors?

Internships are offered by a wide variety of players in the accounting sector. From the small accounting firm to the international Fortune 500 company, upperclassmen have the opportunity to apply to complete a part-time or a full-time internship with reputable firms to gain on-the-job work experience. Obviously, one of the main benefits of completing any type of internship is the opportunity to use the skills the student has learned in the classroom in an actual office setting. By doing this, a student can show that they can apply the skills that they have acquired in the classroom.

Another benefit of completing an internship is that the student has the opportunity to network with professionals in the sector. By networking with supervisors, managers, other accountants, and executives of a firm, the student can make sure that their name is known when they are seeking a position in the sector. Students with the strongest academic scores and qualifications may also be able to secure a position with the company they are interning for once they earn their bachelor’s degree and complete their assignment.

What Kind of Internship Should Upperclassmen Apply For?

If you want to enter the accounting industry and you are pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, you will need to narrow down all of the career options to decide what career you will pursue once you graduate from school. Ideally, you will apply for an internship in the employment area of the accounting industry that you plan on pursuing. For example, if you want a position within the government sector, you should look for internship opportunities available through federal, municipal and state government departments to gain relevant experience.

If you desire to be an account manager, a treasurer, or another corporate professional, you should apply for internships with smaller or larger corporations. If you wish to be an independent contractor at some point and open your own practice, you should focus on opportunities where you will learn how to deliver specific specialty services you will plan to offer.

Most accredited bachelor’s degree programs have a requirement built into the program that require upperclassmen to complete an internship before they can earn their degree. This academic internship requirement is for the student’s benefit. Enter the workforce with the experience you need to succeed in the industry and start applying for opportunities.