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What Types of Jobs Are Available For Someone With a Master’s in Accounting?

Master's in AccountingBefore you earn an advanced degree in accounting, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with jobs available for Master’s in Accounting graduates. Accounting is a growing field where there are a variety of opportunities. Many of the opportunities that are available at the mid to upper-level in the profession will require that you possess an advanced Master’s degree majoring in accounting. If you are trying to determine whether or not it is worth it to spend the time and the money pursuing your Master’s in Accounting, read on and learn about some of the best career opportunities.

Meeting the Requirements to Become a CPA

One of the most popular routes that Master’s in Accounting degree holders will travel along will be to become a Certified Public Accountant. Typically, you must have a minimum of a Master’s degree before you can sit to take the national CPA exam. This educational requirement is in place of the extensive experience requirement that many cannot satisfy. Once you earn your Master’s in Accounting from an accredited university, you can register to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant exam and work as an independent CPA or a CPA for a large public or private agency. You will perform duties in auditing, tax advising or other forms of advising. Being a CPA will give you leverage to fill specialized positions because you will be an expert.

Enrolled Agents Who Specialize in Tax Law

An enrolled agent is a tax accounting expert who will represent a taxpayer when the client is dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. You will need to take classes that are specifically focused on tax law before you can become an enrolled agent. Once you do this, you can find a position where you will work for clients who need to submit documentation to the IRS.

Become a Government Accountant

The world of government accounting is a very competitive one. Unless you have worked as an accountant with a public agency for quite some time, it is extremely difficult to find a job as a government accountant without possessing a Master’s degree. A government accountant can play a lot of roles within the agency. They will monitor budgets, monitor taxes, and project future money that can be received from revenue sources. Without a Master’s degree, most agencies will not give new applicants any consideration.

Become an Auditor in Accounting

There is always a need for auditors to review taxes and financial records to ensure that companies and organizations are complying with the laws and being honest. You can work as an independent tax auditor or as an auditor who works for a large accounting firm once you have your Master’s degree. Some professionals will only work with one company to manage spending, others will work with several companies at a time to verify that they are following the rules and regulations set by the SEC.

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The demand for accounting professionals who possess a Master’s in the field is expected to grow by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While an undergraduate degree majoring in accounting can help you enter the field, it is best to gain leverage and become an expert by earning your Master’s. Find out about the jobs available for Master’s in Accounting grads, and you make the choice.