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5 Unusual Careers for an Accounting Graduate

Accounting Graduates likely expect a career as an Auditor, a Budget Analyst, or even a Payroll Manager. However, not all paths lead to these kinds of positions. There are a number of interesting directions in which an Accounting Graduate can take a career. The following provides an overview of five unusual accounting career directions:

1. Forensic Accounting

Finances and fighting crime sometimes go hand-in-hand. Forensic accounting is the perfect example of how law enforcement uses the skills of accounting graduates to lead investigations. Accounts in these kinds of positions work directly with the law enforcement organizations to resolve certain crimes or financial disputes. Money laundering and embezzlement are just two examples of the kinds of activities a forensic accountant might be called to investigate. This career path can be a lucrative one, albeit also highly competitive. Having additional credentials beyond just a bachelor’s degree will give an edge for candidates seeking this work, like with the FBI.

2. Sports Accounting

Maybe you aren’t as interested in forensics but find yourself an adamant sports fan. The sports industry is another example of a field in need of accountants. Accounting is crucial for the everyday operations of the sporting industry, including its longterm success. With an accounting career in the sports industry, accounts are responsible for nearly any financial transaction, including handling payroll and setting ticket prices for events. Depending on the team or league you’re interested in coming on board with, you might have a fairly competitive field. An MBA is tool to have an edge in sports accounting, and you can expect special access to your team with such a career.

3. Environmental Accounting

Although not as old as some other industries, environmental accounting is a growing field that is gaining popularity. Business all around are striving to become “greener”. As a result, environmental accountants are finding more and more work in this industry. These environmental accountants are responsible for helping corporations maintain profitability while also achieving certain compliances. These compliances include eco-friendly standards and meeting the regulations of various government industries. Environmental accounting jobs presently exist with large corporations more than smaller businesses, and tasks include overseeing the construction of green infrastructure or even consulting the sales for various industrial byproducts.

4. Entertainment Accounting

When thinking about the most lucrative industries who also have a need for accountants, one should not overlook the entertainment industry. Accountants in this field often work for a movie or TV production company. With these careers, they are responsible for overseeing production budgets, a critical factor in the entertainment industry. However, entertainment also extends into the music and gaming realms, all with similar tasks for the accountant. In this field, having experience in royalties and copyright law is crucial for a successful career. Furthermore, you will surely garner a new respect for the energy that goes into entertainment production.

5. Accounting Software Development

Information technology needs accountants to support a software company’s management and development team. License audits are an important role of such accountants, but so is assuming the responsibility for tracking time and billing. Some companies even produce accounting and finance related softwares. In these situations, accountants are critical for assistance and feedback in the software’s design. Taking your career into the accounting software development industry is therefore a diverse endeavor in and of itself.

Accounting graduates don’t have to settle for a run-of-the-mill, tradition CPA position. Rather, a career in finance can be filled with diverse opportunities. With a little creativity, you might find an amazing and unusual career path.