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5 Tips for Landing an Internship at a Big Four Company

How to Land a Big Four Internship

  • Write a Solid Resume
  • Create an Online Presence
  • Make Connections
  • Practice Interview Skills
  • Be Specific

Getting an internship with a Big Four company is the dream of many students nearing graduation. According to Forbes, placements at Deloitte & Touche and PricewaterhouseCoopers are some the most sought after internships. Whether someone is beginning a career in accounting or management services, an internship at a prestigious company could open doors to a highly-paid position. With so many people entering the job market each year, and so much competition for the top spots, how do you land one of these impressive internships? Here are five tips to help you get that dream internship.

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1. Write a Solid Resume

At the top of the list is making and updating a good, solid resume. That is why colleges and companies host resume workshops. There are also downloadable templates online. Resumes should focus on concrete accomplishments and numbers and avoid extra “fluff.” They should be written with careful attention to language usage and grammar. Additionally, students can go to the company website to find out what kind of words are used to describe top employees or in job descriptions. Those words, used in the resume, help to cement the impression that the candidate is a “good fit” for placement.

2. Create an Online Presence

If you have a website or a Facebook page, make certain it is well-made and use it to display your skills. If you do not have an online presence, build one. Create an online portfolio of creative content or write a blog showcasing your accounting skills. Keep the website fresh, making certain all content is current and that all links work. Build your website to be compatible with the style of the top-four company you want to join. Get a “LinkedIn” account and join “Twitter.”

3. Make Connections

Look in your “LinkedIn” account to find second or third-degree connections to the company for which you want the internship. Go to networking events at school and at the company. Students who consider internships early can apply for less-impressive placements that will get their name and their reputation noticed by people in the arena and lead to better connections.

4. Practice Interview Skills

There is a technique to successful interviewing. Applicants who land internships come across as personable, but not too aggressive. Students can look at the top-rated company culture and language, visible on their websites, and tailor their interview language to mirror that. Additionally, interviewees must have a grasp of the concepts and terms of the position they want. The resume is not the place to be personable, but the interview gives the applicant a chance to show his or her personality. When the interview is opened to questions from the student, successful applicants ask about the company and show an interest in the position that is offered.

5. Be Specific

Be specific about which internship you want. Check the job boards of the Big Four company where you want to intern for positions that match your skills. Your CV, or curriculum vitae, is a part of your resume that should be concise and spotlight the accomplishments and skills that relate directly to the position for which you are applying. Most interviewers “glance at them, often for as little as fifteen seconds, before putting them on the ‘yes’ pile or on the ‘no’ pile. For that reason, a one-page CV is advantageous.”

Internships can become bridges to opportunity. They can provide experience, help you network and even set you up for permanent positions. Getting an internship with one of the best companies can be as difficult as getting into an Ivy-League school. These five tips can help applicants improve the odds of landing an internship with a Big Four company.