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5 Tips for Advancing your Accounting Career

Career Advancement Tips for Accountants

  • Use Your Alumni Connections
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Specialize
  • Network
  • Talk to Recruiters

The accounting and finance industry has changed dramatically in the last decade. More than ever, it is essential for professionals to stay up to date with not only evolving finance law but technological practices and developments in their profession, according to Forbes.

For those just starting out or are fairly early in their career, advancing yourself can seem a little bit daunting. But whether you’re highly creative or highly organized, a little can go a long way towards achieving the position you want. Here are five tips for advancing your accounting career.

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1. Use Your Alumni Connections

An especially handy tip for those who have graduated in the last few years is maintaining contact with alumni and the faculty that taught you during your degree studies. This is a great way to keep your fingers on the pulse of what is happening throughout the industry. It’s also a great path to seek out mentorship from seasoned professionals. Stay in touch with your professors and fellow students after you graduate, and you may find that an opportunity drops into your lap when you least expect it.

2. Listen to a Podcast

Listening to podcasts, as well as reading blogs and articles, are great ways to improve your knowledge of your sector, get quick updates on new financial legislation and best practices, or learn new skills. Do some research on reputable podcasts and blogs that feature information related to your field of expertise and specialization, and make it a point to listen to them regularly. For skilled professionals, these may also provide opportunities for guest appearances or articles to share your knowledge, which can generate advancement opportunities.

3. Specialize

Specialists in the financial field can often do better than general practitioners, especially if they serve a function that is vital to the legitimacy of a company’s practices, such as keeping in line with new financial laws or regulations. If you didn’t specialize when you were still in school, it’s definitely not too late. You can ask to be trained by your company in a specific specialization or take continuing education classes at a local college or via an online platform to gain expertise in the specialization that interests you most.

4. Network

Networkung is important in every profession, and no less so in the financial sector. Networking can help you meet professionals in every arena and at every level, including company employers and headhunters. Stay connected online and find local groups that are either dedicated to your field of expertise, or house large numbers of professionals in the field, and attend meetups as regularly as you can.

5. Talk to Recruiters

If you’re looking to fast-track into the next stage of your profession, start talking to recruiters and headhunters. Keep your resume updated and make sure several recruiters have it on file. Staying in touch with recruiters can lead to exciting new jobs, opportunities for specialization training, or placement with a strong financial company with excellent salary and benefits. Keep your options open – getting companies to compete for your expertise is one of the best ways to advance.

No matter what your goals are for your accounting career, these tips will help you forge a great professional path and achieve your desired position.