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5 Specializations for a Graduate Accounting Degree

Earning an accounting degree is an important first step toward launching a successful career. With a graduate accounting degree, students can look forward to learning advanced knowledge that will lead to more respect and greater compensation in the future. Students looking to maximize the value of earning an accounting degree should seek to acquire a specialization that will differentiate them from other graduates. Before starting an accounting degree program, therefore, students should take the time to understand the specializations that are available in most of today’s graduate programs.

1. Corporate Accounting

Large corporations often oversee the management of billions of dollars worth of assets, so keeping track of these items can be challenging. Corporate accountants, therefore, are important individuals in the corporate world because they help businesses understand their current performance. Technology is becoming increasingly important in corporate accounting, so graduates should have a firm understanding of how modern electronics can track assets. Many accountants who complete a graduate program go into the corporate world, so acquiring a specialty in corporate accounting can provide graduates with an edge over other job applicants.

2. Tax Accounting

With individuals and businesses paying trillions of dollars in taxes to governments every year, accountants who understand the intricacies of the tax code are in more demand than ever before. Students seeking a graduate degree in accounting should consider specializing in taxation because of the wide range of opportunities that are available to graduates in this field. Tax accountants can help both businesses and individuals reduce tax burdens and ensure compliance. Since taxes will always be a duty for citizens, the tax accounting field offers outstanding job security.

3. Bookkeeping

Businesses need to measure the impact of routine transactions through sound methodologies. Bookkeeping is in high demand because businesses are seeking to leverage software to more responsively determine their current financial situation. Graduates who can implement innovative bookkeeping techniques are highly sought by employers. As with tax accounting, bookkeeping offers job security because this field has been in high demand since the dawn of civilization.

4. Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is an important field because it helps uncover errors and fraud that can destroy profitable businesses. Many graduates who specialize in forensic accounting work in the public sector, but private businesses also need forensic accountants to improve internal controls. Individuals with an aptitude for computer science have an advantage in the forensic accounting field because of the important role that digital technologies now play for accounting, money transfers, and data storage.

5. Financial Accounting

Students seeking to graduate with the widest range of career options available should consider specializing in financial accounting. Important activities for businesses, such as producing financial reports and monitoring transactions, are often done by financial accountants. Therefore, financial accountants often find their way into the top ranks of the corporate world because of their knowledge of the financial considerations that determine the profitability of any business. Financial accounting, likewise, is a good option for ambitious gradates seeking to work their way up the corporate ladder.

Picking a specialty is one of the most important decisions that graduate students have to make. Students, therefore, should take their time to determine which specialty is right for them. As a degree program progresses, students often learn new information that can lead them to consider pursuing a particular career path. Internships, for example, often provide the experience that can help a student determine where they want to go with their future. With enough forethought given to the choice of a specialization, graduate students can launch their careers with a clear path forward toward personal success.