5 Publications Every Accountant Should Read

første verdenskrig i danmark There are publications every accountant should read to stay up on the latest developments in the field. Like most industries, the field of accounting is constantly changing. As new laws and regulations are passed, individuals in this field must learn new information to stay relevant. The following five publications are ones that every accountant should read to stay knowledgeable about the field.

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1. The Journal of Accountancy

http://greypeople.life/2018 skull logo maker To get the latest information on the field, accountants cannot afford to miss out on the Journal of Accountancy. This journal is a leader in the field and is published by the American Institute of CPAs. In addition, it offers a career center and a tax adviser section to help current accountants learn about the industry. Information ranges from practicing accounting to the latest technology for accountants.

2. The Journal of Forensic Accounting

odd molly dametøj view Crime scene investigation meets forensic accounting in this unique journal. In the journal, accountants can learn more about how to use economic transactions and reports as evidence. Entries are designed for every accountant in the field, and there is also an option that is entirely designed for students. While some of the articles are only available with a subscription, there are plenty of examples available for accountants to browse through initially.

3. Wall Street Journal Accounting

background iphone 6 For years, the Wall Street Journal has been the leading source of financial and economic news. This is by far one of the best publications that every accountant should read. It offers a clear take on the field through a section that focuses entirely on just accounting. Like many of the publications on this list, readers need to pay for a subscription if they want to read all of the information available. Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal’s section on accounting is more than worth the added cost.

4. Accounting Today

kloster zum heiligen kreuz there This journal is one of the best options for accountants who want the latest information without having to buy a subscription. Accounting Today was made with online CPAs in mind. It offers all of the latest news and blogs directly on the homepage. For more information, accountants can also sign up for the Accounting Today podcast. This option is ideal for on-the-go professionals who want to hear the latest news on their morning commute.

5. The CPA Journal

http://cleanaway.xyz kaarten met hoeveel weken oud baby is While it never hurts to be a certified public accountant to read this journal, this publication can also be enjoyed by accounting students. As one of the most important publications that every accountant should read, the CPA Journal offers information about taxation, audits and finance. Plus, it offers extra help for accountants who are trying to set up their own accounting business. Accountants who subscribe to the journal are also eligible to submit their own stories to the publication.

m und m computer The best accountants continue to learn about their field. These journals are designed to help accountants find out more information about unusual or trending topics. As the best publications that every accountant should read, they are ideal for both career driven accountants and newcomers to the field.

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