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5 Key Resources for Online Accounting Students

When deciding to study accounting and pursue an accounting career, there are some key online resources that will help you in your accounting studies and career. Here are 5 key resources that will help you.

Resource: Top 10 Online Accounting Degree Programs is a website that will help you search different accounting jobs and receive accounting alerts based on your job interests. When pursuing an accounting career, it is a good idea to look into the types of jobs that you want to pursue so that you can see what you need to know in order to obtain a similar job. gives current students a free 6-month membership to pursue jobs and internships. also has a resume upload section that recruiters and hiring managers browse and can be a source of good opportunities.

Journal of Accounting Research

Reading research journals can give you an excellent understanding of current topics of interest in accounting. The Journal of Accounting Research is a journal that comes from the University of Chicago. The online journal is mostly free and has articles on current accounting research and studies. The online journal allows you to see the most read articles and most cited articles. The Journal of Accounting Research has been published since the 1960’s, so it is very respected and can be used to learn more about accounting. There is also some opportunity to collaborate with researchers, which would be great for any student’s resume. There are even opportunities to submit your own research.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

In the accounting world, obtaining the CPA title is very prestigious and is required for many new job opportunities. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the USA national organization that controls the CPA designation and sets auditing and ethical standards for accounting professionals. The AICPA has detailed information about the requirements to become a CPA, including all testing and other CPA requirements. The AICPA has a lot of resources about becoming an accountant and has information about conferences; some of the accounting conferences promoted on AICPA have substantial discounts to current students.


Ethisphere is a global think-tank that was developed to promote anti-corruption, sustainability, and business ethics. The website has articles from the quarterly magazine and has information about the most ethical businesses in the world. The website explains business and accounting ethics and is a good resource to learn about what is acceptable ethics in the accounting world today. The website gives the opportunity to verify through third-parties programs such as Anti-Corruption Program Verification, Certification Compliance Leader Verification, and Business Ethics Leadership Alliance. The website also has some great videos on business ethics topics such as sustaining long-term growth through culture.

Understanding Accounting

Understanding Accounting is a website that offers a good amount of information to help you learn accounting. It helps you learn basics about accounting such as chart of accounts and other terminology; Understanding Accounting also has lessons about QuickBooks, which is great if you want to help small businesses with their accounting in the future. Understanding Accounting also offers QuickBooks seminars to help you become an expert at QuickBooks in a short amount of time.

These 5 key resources should be helpful during your studies and your career. Spending time reading these resources will give you an advantage during your classes and career.