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5 Excellent Podcasts for Accountants

Podcasts are excellent tools to boost knowledge and expertise that can easily be incorporated into any schedule. Whether you’re tuning in during a commute, working out at the gym, or taking a 10-minute coffee break–podcasts are quick and accessible while providing helpful tips and strategies that increase productivity. Check out these 5 essential podcasts for accountants.

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The Abacus Show

The Abacus Show offers listeners the best thought leaders and educators in the professional accounting world. Hear real experiences and powerful tips and tools to help you become an empowered and strong performer in the field of accounting. The show provides a unique insight into ways to increase productivity, improve communication and soft skills, and ways to beef up your resume, get connected, and excel. The host, Bob the CPA is entertaining and thorough. He dives into the details and introduces his audience to highly effective people that share mistakes and experiences. It truly makes accounting seem like the most interesting job ever.

Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Helpful and insightful Steve Bragg offers listeners best practices within a variety of different aspects of the accounting industry. Millions tune into the show to hear the latest in accounting standards, technology, acquisitions, controls, financing, metrics, payroll, investor relations and so much more. Episodes are brief and to the point–no time is wasted. Regardless if you are new or seasoned in the field of accounting, Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg is sure to provide anyone interested with useful topics that keep the listener informed and up to date with the latest tools, tips, and strategies.

The Bean Counter

The Bean Counter is one of the most popular podcasts related to accounting. Created by Andrew Argue as a guide to creating a successful accounting career–the show covers the interview and resume process to salary negotiations to potential prospects for promotion. Detailed analysis of the industry provided in an accessible way is the highlight of The Bean Counter. Andrew does a terrific job of breaking down information that allows those unfamiliar with accounting or learning about the industry to get up to speed with current terminology and best practices. Understanding how to get a job and what employers are looking for are essential to furthering your career and The Bean Counter delivers.

The CPA Guide Podcast

Bryan Kesler has created THE guide for not only studying and passing the CPA exam–but also in how to take your career to the next level. The CPA Guide Podcast is the highlight of many accountant’s developments. Fresh accounting majors looking for help with taking the CPA exam and career accountants alike will enjoy the incredible insight of Bryan and his informative guests. The CPA Guide podcast is highlighted by Case Studies. These episodes detail a situation and the best practices for how to solve it. Providing practical and real life experiences allow the listener to see how the accounting world works and pushes them to get the most from their career. Bonus, the CPA Guide website is loaded with even more tips and tricks to getting the most out of your accounting career.

CPA Reviewed

Ranked as one of the most listened to CPA exam podcasts in the world–CPA Reviewed provides the most up to date information on how to pass the dreaded accounting test. Covering a range of subjects from understanding the latest changes to obscure topics like how to balance dating with studying–CPA Reviewed is a practical look at how to weave studying for the CPA with your personal life. Potential accountants will love the depth of information provided by Kansas CPA, Jeff Elliott. Studying for and passing the CPA at age 30 with 5 kids will give anyone a ton of experience in the balance of work and life. Jeff does so in a way that’s engaging and informational. Whether you’re struggling in your studies or simply want to be caught up on current best practices–CPA Reviewed is the show for you.

Listening to podcasts shouldn’t be an optional activity if you’re looking to become an accountant or already are one. Staying up to date with best practices and the latest information will only make you a better CPA. Podcasts provide a way for the accountant to discover methods to better their own understanding of the ever-expanding world of economics.