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5 Benefits of Working for the IRS

Because its offices offer limited walk-in services and correspond mostly by mail, the IRS can sometimes feel like a faceless organization, but behind its mysterious facade is an energetic modern workplace that might just be the perfect place to start a rewarding and stable career path. If you’re an ambitious and organized team player, below are some great reasons why you might want to put the IRS on your list of potential future employers.

Flexible Locations

The largest bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the IRS oversees hundreds of local offices all across the country. In fact, there’s a good chance that there’s an IRS office within a short driving distance of your home address. With so many locations to choose from, it’s up to you to decide if you want to relocate to a new state or plant stronger roots in your own hometown. Whichever way you go, the agency’s well-connected network of services makes it possible to transfer to a new office down the road should you ever change your mind.


As a wide-reaching U.S. federal agency, the IRS strives to create a workplace that reflects the country’s diverse demographics. People of all backgrounds – ethnic, social, academic, religious and political – make up its inclusive workforce. In addition to collaborating with colleagues from many nations and cultures, IRS employees can join independently run affinity groups that support their personal values or backgrounds. Some of the largest and most popular chapters include the Association for the Improvement of Minorities, Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees and Asian Pacific Internal Revenue Employees.

Exceptional Training Programs

Starting your career in a large and complex organization like the IRS might seem intimidating, but the reality isn’t as stressful as it sounds. Even if you aren’t well versed in everything the IRS does just yet, you’ll have a much better grasp on your day-to-day role once you finish the agency’s excellent in-house training. It’s true that plenty of companies offer training, but the IRS goes far beyond the basics. From intensive classroom courses to hands-on training with experienced instructors, the agency’s orientation programs for newly recruited employees cover everything you need to know to get comfortable.

Interesting and Varied Job Opportunities

The government’s chief tax enforcer, the IRS offers a wealth of unique job opportunities in finance and accounting as well as administrative support services. Within its tax division alone, applicants can choose from positions as diverse as internal revenue agent, appeals officer, tax examiner, tax compliance officer and contact representative. The IRS even has its own law enforcement branch where employees combine accounting and investigative skills to uncover financial crimes. For those who don’t specialize in finance, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from on the administrative side, ranging from recruitment specialists to engineers to computer scientists.

Some of the Best Benefits Around

As a full-time employee of the federal government, you and your family will be entitled to a comprehensive benefits package that covers perks like competitive pay, flexible work schedules, life and health insurance, retirement planning, paid time off and commuter subsidies – and that’s just for a start. Child care, continuing education, flexible spending accounts, loan forgiveness and other extras that can be tough to find in the private sector make the IRS one of the best places to settle if you need a supportive and reliable long-term employer.

Ultimately, a job with the IRS means stability, competitive pay and ample opportunity for advancement. In today’s changing job market, its many benefits coupled with the prestige of working for the federal government can go a long way toward helping you build a career you can be proud of for life.