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5 Bachelor’s Degree Options for Accounting Majors

If you love crunching numbers, you might dream of a career in the accounting field. However, you might be unsure of which degree program to pursue. There are actually a few degree options, so consider these programs to prepare you for the right path to your dream career.

1. Bachelor of Science in Accounting

One straightforward option is a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This degree program will put a major focus on accounting and should help you secure just about any accounting job that you want. You can choose to minor in business or another related subject, but the accounting degree should be enough for you to pursue your goals. In your coursework, you will learn about everything from bookkeeping to tax laws. In your elective classes, you can opt for courses that relate to specific career paths, such as business accounting or accounting law.

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2. Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Accounting

Another great option is to go to school for a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Accounting. This degree can help you secure a job in the business industry, but can also help prepare you for an accounting job. It’s a good option if you are unsure of whether you would like to pursue a job in the business world or if you would prefer to be an accountant, since it can actually help you achieve either of these goals. Throughout the course of your degree program, you will take a mix of business-related and accounting-related courses.

3. Bachelor of Science in Finance

Many people do not realize it, but there is a difference between finance and accounting classes. There are certainly a lot of similarities, and either degree should help you get the job that you want in the finance industry. However, a finance degree focuses more on making money through investments and other similar vehicles. On the other hand, accounting degrees focus more on actually handling money, such as by filing taxes. If you think you would prefer a job that relates to investments, a finance degree might be a good option for you. Another option is to major in finance and minor in accounting or vice versa. Then, you’ll have a well-rounded financial education.

4. Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting

Accounting can refer to the handling of money for anyone. For example, a lot of individuals hire accountants to help them with their taxes. However, those who specialize in business accounting actually provide accounting services for business owners both large and small. With this degree, you can score a job working full-time for a business. You could also start up a business that provides accounting services for business owners.

5. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting

One really exciting option is forensic accounting. With this type of background, you will be able to secure a job that allows you to look over financial records and look for discrepancies. For example, forensic accountants are often hired to look for signs of embezzlement and other crimes. This specialized education will teach you how to pick apart financial records and find things that may have been “hidden.”

As you can see, there are multiple degree options out there for those who are interested in the field of accounting. You can also supplement your degree with a CPA certification if you want to boost your resume. Regardless of which program you choose, you are sure to open up a lot of opportunities for yourself.