5 Accounting Scholarships for College Students

dessus mur en pierre Since financial aid is the main consideration after deciding on a course of study, you should keep these 5 accounting scholarships for college students list and, more importantly, their sources in mind when applying for your accounting program. Scholarships are one of the three types of financial aid that can help students across majors and colleges pay for their tuition, books, and supplies. Many scholarships are renewable and have certain requirements. For instance, a student may need to maintain a certain grade point average or take part in a certain activity or sports team. The following list includes scholarships that might pay some or all of your college expenses.

vrijheid woonhuis te koop loosdrecht Resource: Top 10 Online Accounting Degree Programs

1. Course Hero

botulismus pferd silage go Forbes writer, William Dix, stresses the importance of applying to “various scholarships because “digging for scholarships can turn up college gold“. The Course Hero contest is one such example of the free money you can win by submitting a 150-word short response each month. You have to sign up for a Course Hero account then fill out one application each month for a chance to win $5,000.

2. Niche No-Essay Opportunity

http://mustbridge.space/2018/08 das duo sterben statt erben If you are in high school and will start college within the next year or have already started your study program, the No-Essay drawing is for you. This opportunity is a monthly drawing you can sign up for, after signing up for Fastweb and creating a free account on niche.com for a chance to win $2,000. Sign up once for each monthly drawing and the name is announced on their page and sent to your email. You also receive an email when it’s time to renew your entry in the contest.

3. Adelante! Fund MillerCoors Chicago Scholarship (Available in other areas as well)

http://preventfresh.xyz nba 3 point list Another good resource for finding scholarships for college students with this major is Scholarships.com. Take time to research scholarships offered by non-profit organizations. They list scholarships that are based on cultural backgrounds, like the Adelante! Fund MillerCoors Chicago awards $3,000 to a Hispanic student attending college and majoring in the field in addition to select other areas of study. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is July 3rd, 2018. The contest is available to Hispanic students in other cities and states.

4. American Society of Women Accountants

hester med underbitt click Take a look at the Accounting & Financial Woman’s Alliance Contest.The Bellevue Chapter No. 159, the organization offering the $2,000 reward, is an affiliate of the American Society of Women Accountants, founded in 1938. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2018, and the reward will be given to two winners. The number one reason students don’t apply for competitive scholarships is that they think they probably won’t win. However, since many college students share this view, the application pools for the most competitive scholarships are usually smaller than you might think.

5. CalCPA Peninsula Silicon Valley

seiko watches sales there Once you have declared your study major, you can apply for the CalCPA Peninsula Silicon Valley Scholarship is awarded to several qualifying applicants with award amounts ranging from $500 to $2000. You can apply until September 26, 2017. The contest is available for other locations for which you can apply for upon acceptance to an accredited college study program.

marianne leder randlev børnehave The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that these jobs will see an 11 percent increase in demand over the next 6 years making it important to stay on the look out for scholarships for college students with the major.

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