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5 Accounting Blogs Students Love

If you are a student of accounting and looking to take your personal knowledge of the subject to a new level, by all means, you’ll want to peruse this piece on accounting blogs. Whether you are a professional working towards additional credentials in accounting or an accounting student working on a degree, one noteworthy resource is online accounting blogs. The specific accounting blogs listed here feature up to date news and the occasionally clever commentary on such subjects as auditing, federal regulations, fraud, public accounting, taxes and tax accounting.

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While no list was exactly the same, some accounting blogs did make the list on more than one website. Here, then, are five exceptional accounting blogs that are favored by accounting students. These blogs aid students in reaching their goals, avoiding fraud and scams and also challenge and entertain them.

Accounting Coach

Rasmussen College and Inspired Education were two of the multiple sources that both praised the Accounting Coach accounting blog. Its main goal is to make accounting both interesting and fun for not only students but everyone. The blog is actually but one part of an entire Accounting website created and launched by Harold Avercamp who is a CPA. One feature of this blog is a two-part question that provides visitors with a great way to test their knowledge of accounting.

The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion blog strives to take the mystery out of the realm of accounting by examining specific, important issues. Retired CPA and Ph.D. and tech business founder Tom Selling still works hard focusing on articles about accounting. He spends a lot of time championing lost causes and focusing on the Big Four.


Despite what some people initially think, this accounting blog is not a simple “taxes are bad” blog. Brought to you by law professor Linda Beale, provides extensive info on numerous matters of taxation through the posting of thought-provoking columns. Who should the government tax? Why should they be taxed? Those are but two of the common questions considered there. The blog studies such current topics as avoiding taxes and addressing legal loopholes. Some online critics claim the blog just might make you change your opinions on the subject of taxes.

CPA Success

Bill & Tom, not to be confused with “Bill & Ted”, are both accountants. CPA Success is their ofttimes reportedly thought-provoking blog on accounting. They discuss many aspects of the accounting field including (but not limited to) such subjects as exploring new technologies, challenging common business and accounting methods and practices, and analyzing various multi-generational issues in the workplace.

The Fraud Files Blog

Tracy Coenen is a fraud investigator and forensic accountant. On her blog, she draws upon her own expertise and personal experience in order to study more recent accounting scandals and scams. She calls from some noteworthy source material.
Here readers learn that reality is indeed often stranger than fiction. She explains various current events in the world of fraud and also provides her audience with convenient advice in order to not fall victim to frauds or scams themselves.

Online sources generally agree that these accounting blogs offer something of value to students. Do you think otherwise? If you have opinions of your own then maybe it’s time for you to start your own accounting blog and add your bottom line to the equation.