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Why Should I Choose an AACSB Accredited Accounting Program?

Once you understand the purpose of the AACSB and its accreditation process, you might be wondering why you should choose an AACSB-accredited accounting degree program. Although many students understand why they should choose a university that holds accreditation and is recognized by the U.S. Department, it is just as important to select the right type of accreditation that others will recognize as valuable — particularly if you are seeking a master’s degree or higher. Ultimately, AACSB-accredited programs carry the mark of quality and distinction.

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Significant Reputation Value

AACSB-accredited programs provide high-quality education that leads to lucrative job opportunities through the earning of reputable degrees. In fact, many of the top corporations worldwide will recruit only from business schools that are AACSB-accredited, and graduates with degrees from these institutions are more likely to receive competitive salaries. The organization also notes that some employers have studied the differences between those who did not attend an AACSB-accredited school and those who did. One company indicated that employees who did not earn a degree from an AACSB-accredited business school performed poorly compared to those who attended an AACSB-accredited institution.

Quality Education

Every legitimate school in the U.S. must be accredited by some organization. However, the difference between universities that have earned regional or institutional accreditation and those that operate AACSB-accredited business schools is that the latter have taken the process a step further to pursue an additional accreditation. In other words, AACSB-accredited schools have succumbed to the evaluation process twice: once for the university as a whole and once for the specific business programs. This means that the programs themselves have undergone the review process as well, ensuring that the degrees meet, or exceed, the high standards set forth by the organization.

High Academic Standards

One of the most important benefits to earning an AACSB-accredited degree is peace of mind. The accreditation process from this particular organization is one of the most selective and thorough in the world. The organization has operated since 1916, evaluating business programs according to the highest standards of quality. In addition, the organization goes through the academic degree with a fine-tooth comb, examining all aspects of the program such as academic research quality, teaching, global awareness, curriculum, institutional development, and student learning. Once a program passes the extensive accreditation process, the school must submit to a process of on-site and self evaluation, ensuring that the degree does not fall below the strict requirements mandated by the organization.

Experienced Faculty

Accreditation within a degree program also ensures that the faculty who are tasked with providing the degree have the experience, training, and knowledge to do so while maintaining the organization’s high standards. If the school itself is also accredited by the organization, they may hire and retain some of the best researchers and professors in the field which, in turn, helps to attract the best students and, ultimately, leads to greater employer recruiting.

All quality accounting programs should earn accreditation, but one that is AACSB-accredited means that the degree is of excellent academic caliber and rigorously evaluated to ensure it continues to meet these high standards. Students who are looking to pursue a degree in accounting should consider thoroughly researching each degree program to check for accreditation by the AACSB prior to enrolling.