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What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting?

associates in accounting jobsIf you earn an associate’s degree in accounting, you will prepared to fulfill many types of entry-level positions found in the field of accounting. Many students who graduate with this type of degree go on to work for accounting firms or auditing agencies.

Four of the more popular positions that will you be able to fill with this type of credential include that of a bookkeeper, administrative assistant, accounting assistant or accounts payable clerk. Each position varies in pay as well as work hours. You may even be able to use your degree in a job position that allows you to work solely from home.


As a bookkeeper, you will perform many tasks, including the preparation and maintaining of financial records for your employer. Years ago, bookkeepers kept track of the records using paper ledgers and journals; however, with today’s technology, most use computer software programs to maintain the information. Bookkeepers should not be thought of as accountants because they don’t have to be legally certified to perform the tasks they carry out. The position of a bookkeeper is very important because this is the person who records the financial transactions that take place between an employer and its vendors and customers.

Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, you may or may not be required to keep the books for your employer; however, you will be required to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, order supplies, take inventory and much more. Many times, the administrative assistant of a company is viewed as the “face” of the business because this person is the go-to person when a question needs to be answered. In this line of work, with several years of experience, you can find yourself in a supervisory position, training other staff members on how to carry out a wide range of administrative tasks.

Accounting Assistant

As an accounting assistant, you will work directly alongside a licensed accountant. Usually, only large corporations hire accounting assistants. While your pay level in this profession will not be that of an actual accountant, you still may find yourself pulling in over $40,000 a year. To excel as this type of assistant, you will need several years of experience as a bookkeeper. Also, in addition to your associate’s degree in accounting, you will also do well to obtain a certificate as an accounting assistant. Like an administrative assistant, as an accounting assistant you will be responsible for answering phones, scheduling appointments, composing mailings and much more.

Accounts Payable Clerk

Much like a bookkeeper, an accounts payable clerk keeps track of many financial records. In this profession, you will be responsible for providing both clerical and accounting support for your employer’s accounting department. Your duties may include only those relating to data entry, or you may possibly carry out administrative tasks as well. Many times, if you gain employment through a large corporation, you will specialize in one area such as accounts payable.

As you can see, there are many career paths for you to choose from if you earn an associate’s degree in accounting. By identifying your work preferences and needs, you will find it easier to choose the exact career path that you should follow.