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What is the Professional Accounting Society of America?

The Professional Accounting Society of America, which is also called PASA, is a professional member society for accounting professionals who hold either entry-level or mid-level accounting titles in the public sector. If you have plans to study accounting or you are currently enrolled in a degree program, knowing how you can open up opportunities to yourself and network yourself is critical. PASA is an organization that will give public accountants who do not necessarily have decades of experience the chance to network on a personal and professional level. Read on, and find out more about benefits of becoming a member.

What Makes PASA Unique Compared to Other Professional Societies?

There are many different professional societies geared towards public and managerial accountants, but not many of these societies are for entry-level professionals. Since most societies do require their prospective members to prove that they have years of experience and are committed to the field, PASA is unique and provides their members with benefits free of charge. There is no fee to join and no annual fee to access services once you sign up for the PASA membership.

What Are the Benefits of Being a PASA Member?

There is a long list of benefits that are just for PASA members. If you are planning to test to become a CPA, PASA can help you solidify your chances of passing the first time around. You can access not just accounting news through the member portal, but also insider information for test taking strategies. Once you graduate from school, you can apply for jobs through the job search tool and find a way to develop your resume with the articles and the resume building tips that are published frequently.

If you like networking, you can attend PASA events that are strictly for members all throughout the year. Only members will receive invites and they never have to pay for attendance. For those who are a part of local accounting societies, PASA can help you advance the local societies by partnering with them. While all of these benefits are useful, some join simply to receive discounts on certain products and services through the member discount page.

How to Join PASA

If you have decided that it will pay to become a member of PASA, now is the time to join. Since it is free, you do not have to wait until you have saved to pay the initial fee like you might with other organizations. To become a member, all you need to do is visit the official website and fill out a registration form. Once you have provided your name and email to register, you will then be forwarded to a membership application where you will be asked more about your professional goals and achievements in public accounting.

The demand for accounting graduates has recently reached an all-time high according to the Journal of Accountancy. While new accounting grads are being hired left and right by CPA firms, these entry-level public accountants often do not have an expansive network of professionals to lean on. Since 89% new graduates being hired are being recruited by public firms, there is an obvious need for a society that is strictly for recent grads and mid-level accountants. This is where the Professional Accounting Society of America comes into play.