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What is the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants?

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants with more than 229,000 professional and student members. The main objective of the professional body is to promote success within the field of management accounting by helping professionals find jobs and keeping them up-to-day with industry changes. If you are studying management accounting or currently play a role in the field, find out more about CIMA and decide if becoming a member will be beneficial to you.

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The CIMA Business-Ready Qualification

CIMA has a business-ready assessment that members must pass before they will be granted the Chartered Global Management Accountant designation. For professionals who want to become globally recognized, earning the CGMA designation is crucial. The association offers online assessments and also practice exams so that members are better suited to earn their credential. Once members demonstrate that they are business-ready, they can increase their earning potential and secure better jobs.

Benefits for Student Members

CIMA has a lot to offer to students who are studying for the accounting degree. There are calendar tools to help students stay organized for exams, contact centers all around the world, computer based exams, study help, textbooks, study plans, social media networking, student events, webcasts and mentoring tools. With access to all of this for students, it has never been easier to get through school with the support the you need.

Benefits of Being a Professional Member

If you are no longer in school, you can experience a long list of benefits as a professional member of CIMA. Since the institute works closely with employers in an effort to advance the field, members are able to connect with employers and market themselves as experts in management accounting.

The News on the Move tool gives members access to the latest issues and changes in the field. There is also a proven Continuing Professional Development scheme which helps drive members to learn more and access resources that will push them forward. For members who want to network, there are virtual and face-to-face opportunities where you can meet other professionals all around the world. The benefits are vast and will really help you go to the next step in your career.

Global Business Services Programs

CIMA helps organizations all over the world with their talent management so that they can make the best hiring decisions. The Global Business Services Program will help companies find globally-focused and talented management accountants who know the standards. Employers can post their open positions within the member channel and they will only receive responses from members who have professional experience. The institute also has a training and development scheme that helps companies train their talent to work as efficiently as possible.

There is a professional organization in almost every field that helps students and professionals advance their careers and succeed. If you are working in management accounting, CIMA is the largest global institute and professional association that grants credentials and offers great tools. You should check out the cost to be a member and where the local offices are located if you are considering a membership. Once you do this, you can decide if it is a good investment for you to become a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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