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What is an Accounting Policy Enforcement Specialist?

Accounting Policy Enforcement SpecialistAn individual interested in becoming an accounting policy enforcement specialist likely wants to learn about the specifics of the job. Sometimes becoming familiar with the responsibilities of a job along with its educational requirements can help a person to determine whether he or she would be successful in the work. Consider some specific details regarding work as an accounting policy enforcement specialist.

What is an Accounting Policy Enforcement Specialist?

A person in this profession works to ensure that the accountant or accountants working for a company or organization are adhering to ethical standards of practice. This professional reviews the work of accountants in a company to see if there are any unlawful activities occurring. A company with accountants who are acting in an unethical way can become the victim of fraud and lose its positive reputation in the industry. An accounting policy enforcement specialist is another layer of protection for a company that wants to avoid any improprieties in its accounting department.

Specific Tasks of the Job

One of the tasks of this professional is to conduct audits of a company’s accounting records. An accounting policy enforcement specialist is looking for any irregularities that are violations of federal law. These types of irregularities are serious and could result in punishment in the form of costly fines and even a sentence in jail for the people involved. Another task of this professional is to ensure that the accounting records of a company are transparent. This means that the records contain all of the data that federal officials need to see in order to make sure the company is dealing honestly with its investors. An effective specialist is able to spot questionable elements in financial records and report them to the company owner.

The Educational Requirements for the Job

A person in this particular line of work must earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree. This is the same degree an accountant earns, but a specialist goes a step beyond the usual accounting work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the courses included in this degree cover topics such as auditing theory, managerial accounting, federal income taxation of individuals and business management along with others. All of this information contributes to a person’s effectiveness as an accounting policy enforcement specialist.

What Personal Qualities Can Help a Person Succeed in This Job?

Someone who wants to pursue a career in this profession must have a dedication to accurate work. This means an individual must pay close attention to the details of accounting records and know how to recognize irregularities in these documents. Also, the person must be thorough. In order to make sure that a set of financial records is legitimate, this professional must persist with the same high quality of work until the job is finished. An overlooked piece of information or a missing piece of data can cause a company to be hit with fines and lose its reputation for fair dealings with investors. In addition, a professional doing this work should have an intense interest in evaluating and interpreting financial documents of all kinds.

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Finally, this is both personally and professionally rewarding work, because it is vital to the continued success of a growing company. A person who pursues work as an accounting policy enforcement specialist must perform reliable work on a consistent basis.