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What Are Some Good Websites for Finding Accounting Jobs?

Searching websites for finding accounting jobs is now the norm in finding employment. The days of mailing a resume are long over and handing a resume to a company in person is almost unheard of. With unemployment so high, the internet has become a filtering process that is utilized by practically every hiring entity. These websites have become the modern day job boards and recruiters not only utilize them but direct their applicants to them as well.

Indeed works like a search engine for the job market. The job seeker first provides the key words that apply to the job that they are looking for. This is generally done by creating a search of the job title and the area in which the person is looking to work. Indeed then does a wide range search of all online postings of jobs that are related to the search. This process works very much like a search engine in the sense that it takes the information from the existing company and job board websites and then ranks the results accordingly. The job seeker then clicks on the link to the page where they are directed to the application process required by the listing itself. The pros of this method are that the job seeker will find a large assortment of potential jobs. The downside is that this search is conducted by the search value and may direct the seeker towards another job listing website or to a position that is not directly related, but contains the key words in the description.

Beyond is designed specifically for professionals. The job seeker will build a profile and include an online resume that will assist in the search for their new position. Detailed parameters of regular searches can be performed that include a wide range of options. The website also provides an autonomous search that will send search results to the job searcher’s email address. These messages can be adjusted and multiple searches can be performed. The delivery of results can also be manipulated to be sent at an interval set by the profile holder.

Much Beyond, ZipRecruiter has the job seeker create a profile and individualized searches. The difference in ZipRecruiter is that there are limited actual live search functions and allows the search to be completely autonomous. This is ideal for the person who doesn’t have the time to comb individual websites for hours. The job seeker can also make their profile searchable which allows potential employers to conduct a key word search for potential candidates. If a resume meets the key word description, the employer then can opt to message that person. What makes ZipRecruiter unique, though, is the delivery of the searches. In the email messages, the website creates suggestions that match your requirements then matches them with your resume. It then ranks these jobs in a percentage much like a matchmaker service does for compatible mates.

Online job boards are an effective way for people to find employment and most companies use them to gauge the prospect of filling a position. The job seeker needs to keep in mind that these are public notices and widely used ones as well. Applying online is only one aspect of the search. When searching for a job, it is suggested that these websites should be utilized as tool rather than a gateway towards employment. Using websites for finding accounting jobs is a step in the right direction, but by using the sites to gain information about the company and what the job entails, the accountant can find ways to apply directly with greater success.