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What are Some Courses I Will Take as an Accounting Major?

When your goal is to become an accounting professional, you will need to take a specified number of accounting major courses to eventually become a CPA. While you are not required by law to earn your CPA to enter the field of accountancy, having this designation will give you a reputation and help you advance more quickly. The very first step to be a candidate for an entry-level position or to test to become a CPA is to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program majoring in Accounting. If you would like to become familiar with what the program will cover before you enroll in school, reviewing the core courses you must complete prior to graduation can help you feel like you are making the best move.

Courses That Accounting Majors Are Required to Pass

accounting-degree-coursesThe number of credit hours that must be completed to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting can vary, but the average program requires between 120 and 130 hours. These credit hours will be spread over four years, with some programs lasting 3 years for students attending full-time in an accelerated program. During the duration of the program, students must complete general education courses in subjects like English, math, social science, and humanities.

In addition, you will complete lower and upper division courses that are centered around accounting. Some of the lower and upper division courses that you must complete before you can walk the line include: finance, marketing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, statistics, economics, auditing, cost accounting, and taxation. Some of the elective courses you choose can vary based on your concentration. You should review the concentration options within the field of accounting before you decide which electives will teach you the most valuable skills.

Is a Degree Necessary to Be an Accountant?

Not all professions require a degree. You need to consider the costs of attaining a degree, how the degree will help you in the field, and whether or not you can earn credentials you want without a degree. Because the title accountant is a highly specialized title, many assume that you must have knowledge of theory and practices before you can work as an accountant. To earn your CPA, virtually all states in the nation require you to possess a Bachelor’s degree before sitting for the exam, but accounting professionals do not need to be certified just to receive training and work in the field. While a Bachelor’s degree in accounting can help educate you and motivate you, it is not always a requirement to land a job. If you are applying for a Big Four firm, expect a degree to be a requirement.

When you are enrolled in a degree program, you will learn about real-world scenarios in today’s difficult financial world. You will also learn about the principles and practices that are followed and used throughout the world by professionals within accountancy. By enrolling in accounting degree program, you can acquire the accounting and auditing knowledge you need to succeed, and also gain footing during the application process. Make sure that you are enrolled in all of the right accounting major courses, and map out the best educational path to take so that you can achieve your goals.