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What are Some Common Electives in an Undergraduate Accounting Program?

For those working toward an undergraduate accounting degree, there are quite a few exciting and relevant electives from which to choose. Due to such variety in choice, one can choose an elective here based on personal choice or even the finer callings of the eventual degree and vocation to be sought. Here to light the path, we take a look at some of the most commonly available electives out there in today’s undergraduate accountancy programs.

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Business Law II

Business Law I is typically considered a core course for this program, but its more refined sibling, Business Law II is usually an elective. Many choose this elective as it greatly hones in on the more finite concepts of business law. It is often described as an upper-level course covering common law and statutory implications in business. A look to the US Small Business Administration’s 10 areas of business law can offer one a good glimpse at some of the areas more deeply covered. –


Forensics-Accounting is the science of specialty accountant work typically initiated as a result of judicial or legal processes. Whenever special, investigatory technique must be applied to the numbers, the expert that is specifically trained in this area is called upon to put the pieces together. Although many students don’t necessarily need this elective for common accountant pursuits, it is nonetheless a valuable one to have earned in many other cases.

Specialty Finances

Most businesses, organizations, and other money-handling entities can be categorized into a select few, easily recognized categories. While this is certainly true most of the time, it isn’t always the case. Some businesses and other entities fall into alternate categories, being considered “specialty” services or operations. This course teaches about the specialized bookkeeping crucial to many of these specialized operations.

Hot Tax Topics

Hot Tax Topics is the name given to this elective course by many universities, while at others, its name differs completely. Despite name differences though, this course is always a great compliment to accountant prospects due to its teaching of the finer side of tax concepts. Through the course, one will go beyond the basics and grow a much deeper awareness of the subject. Learn about valuable allowances, little-known loopholes, expert strategy in return maximization, depreciation utilization, and more.

Enterprise IT Management

In virtually all forms of modern accountancy, computerized systems provide the platform for all money-related events. This inherently calls for today’s accountant to be well-versed in the use of these growingly-sophisticated programs. Enterprise IT Management is an elective course that provides deeper insights into the technical realm of accountancy not addressed in other, required core courses of similar nature. This is quite valuable and relevant to anyone planning to work in accountancy.

The above, five elective options in this degree program are indeed some of the most valuable and commonly-chosen. For those looking for more, there certainly are plenty of other options available here as well. Ultimately though, the best way to realize your options in undergraduate accounting electives is to consult with your prospective school directly and find out what is being offered at the current time.