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Is there a Difference between a BS in Accounting and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting?

Earning an accounting degree is not always as simple as taking accounting classes from a reputable university. Indeed, you must decide which type of accounting degree you wish to pursue. Two popular choices are a BS in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. These two degrees have differences that you should take seriously before making your final decision.

What is a BS in Accounting?

A BS, or Bachelor of Science, is a degree that offers you a wide range of knowledge in math and science. Unlike a Bachelor of Arts, which requires students to have a variety of coursework that is unrelated to the major, the BS takes a technical approach that focuses strongly on the course at hand.

A BS in Accounting gives you an excellent grasp of the financial world. Having this degree also shows potential employers that you zeroed in on the most minute aspects of accounting while in school. Though each university has different requirements of their BS programs, it is universal that a BS is a very concentrated degree.

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What is a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting?

A Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, can be considered a degree program itself or can be pursued after the initial accounting program has completed. A BBA in Accounting allows you to learn about the business and organization that accompanies accounting. This degree can offer a practical approach for future accountants as it focuses strongly functioning within a business environment.

The highest paying jobs in accounting are those at the executive level. For example, a Chief Executive Officer may make well over $200,000 annually. Other accounting careers that regularly receive six figures are corporate controllers, financial controllers, and accounting managers. Sometimes, though not always, it is easier to receive these jobs with a BBA. However, generally these positions are ones that require you to start at a lower level and work your way up. You may even need to pass a CPA exam or seek a Master’s degree in some instances.

Why Choose One Above the Other?

What you opt to do with your degree should help you decide whether to choose a BS or a BBA. For instance, if you hope to be a manager or work at the executive level, a BBA may be your best option. Conversely, if it is your desire to work as an auditor or a CPA, a BS might serve you better. Many students elect to do both, which can take a bit longer to complete, but may also pay off in the long run.

Regardless of your financial career choice, pursuing a degree in accounting is a wise decision. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degreed accountant can expect to make nearly double the average American salary. In the end, the choice of whether to pursue a BS or a BBA is entirely up to you. Only you can know where your interests and desires lie. What is vital is that you earn the accounting degree that will give you the best opportunities for a brighter future.