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Do Accounting Organizations Provide College Scholarships?

There are many associations and organizations that can help students who want to become accountants. There are qualifications and guidelines that have to be followed to apply for the grants and awards depending on the organization at which the student applies.

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The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business

There are two different types of awards giving out by this organization. They sponsor a grant with the IMA to give out awards to excellent work by educators in the management and accounting field. There’s also an EFWA award for women who are focused on the world of finance. This is co-sponsored with the organization to provide awards to women who are in undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programs. They are given IMA memberships as well as the money for the CMA exam.

The Institute of Internal Auditors

This is an organization that was established in the early 1940s. There are more than 180,000 members across North America. They focus on providing resources and benefits to members of the internal auditor field. While they don’t give out an award directly to students, they provide their James C. Ball Achievement Award winner with the ability to choose a school to receive a $1,000 award in his or her name.

National Society of Accountants

Since 1969, the NSA has provided students with over 1 million dollars in scholarship awards. In 2016, they gave out over $35,000 total to 32 students. The students have been in undergraduate and graduate programs with the desire to head into the field of accounting. Each year, the organization provides students with the ability to apply for the chance at the award. Students can download information as well as the form on the website.

American Institute of CPAs

The AICPA has partnered with a variety of businesses to provide awards for students. There is the AICPA/Accountemps Student Scholarship Award that gives financial assistance to full-time students who have completed at least 30 semester hours on the way to becoming a CPA. The AICPA John L. Carey Award gives financial aid to students who are in non-business related course but plan to purse an accounting degree. The AICPA Fellowship for Minority Doctoral Students awards $12,000 per year to minority students who plan to become teachers. Lastly, the AICPA awards money to minority accounting students. The winners receive $5,000 per year, and it’s for full-time students who are pursuing an accounting degree.

The Association of International Accountants

The AIA doesn’t provide students with money. They will give applicants all the e-books and e-learning courses needed for the AIA Statutory Auditor Training Program. There are no exam fees or exemption fees for students who want to earn this professional qualification. This is a program for those residing in the UK. There are also scholarships available in other areas of the world like Malaysia or Taiwan.

There are other organizations that provide their members with the chance to receive financial awards for pursing their education. In some cases, the award might include a certain amount for the year as well as access to the membership areas online.